Dream a little dream with me.

Imagine that you are an ESL instructor and you have $10,000 to spend this week.  What would you buy?  Just give me your ideas off the top of your head.  I’ll tell you the back story later.


2 thoughts on “Dream a little dream with me.

  1. I would buy as many teen novels and graphic novels as I could after I bought video cameras, webcams, still cameras, headsets, a class set of ipods, a computer or laptop built for video processing and a good video and audio editing program, a projector and a SMART board (optional) plus a set of clickers.
    This is a quick list, but I think it covers most of my desired materials.

    1. Thanks, John. I would love to have most of those things, too. And I thought there was a chance I could get them — hence my request for ideas. In the end, though, the money was cut off.

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