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An article on Inside Higher Ed about Blackboard’s annual user meeting mentions some of the issues I have seen and heard of with Blackboard.  The writer says

The questioner said that when small fixes aren’t made, faculty members get discouraged. Another commenter told the Blackboard executives that it becomes difficult to argue to top level university administration that Blackboard is a “mission-critical” system when it continues to break in key places.

I have had a number of litle problems since starting to use Blackboard.  Earlier this week, for instance, I couldn’t upload documents from my computer to my Blackboard shell.  It just gave me an error message and wouldn’t give me the window to do it from.  It got fixed the same day, but is that good enough?

The comments on the article are interesting.  Read the first one by Michael.  I could have written it myself.  I especially like the line:

Blackboard is the equivalent of AOL and Facebook; a proprietary system that walls out users or, in this case, students and other faculty.

I really like the idea of having my stuff be available to others.  It isn’t if I only use Blackboard. I continue to use a mix of wiki, blog and Blackboard.  It works for me.  But I would be happier using wiki, blog and Moodle!


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