I read Adult Education and Technology regularly, and Marian’s post made me think about the subject of cheating.  She refers to a post by Rob De Lorenzo and says:

Why do we call looking up information “cheating?” We look up information all the time. When we want to know something, we go online and look for information. Is that cheating? No, it’s a life skill! We should be encouraging, not punishing this behavior. Rob makes the point that education used to be about memorizing a lot of information when information was scarce. That is no longer the case, information is now abundant. Finding it and thinking critically about it are the skills we need to be teaching now.

How true!  Facts are not something we should be teaching.  They are readily available anywhere.  What we should be teaching students is how to thinkcritically  about the facts, how to evauate the sources of information, how to put facts together to create something new.

As for mobile learning, which was the real subject of Marian’s post, I really haven’t spent the time I should maybe to investigate it.  I can see lots of options for people who have internet access on their phones.  I don’t want to spend that kind of money, though, so I don’t do that.  And I teach much of the time in a computer lab, so there isn’t much need for it.  But it is something I should learn more about, I know!


2 thoughts on “Cheating

  1. Just questions. How do you teach someone to think about facts or to put them together without teaching them facts? Can one think about facts out of context? How does one reach an understanding of the context for facts without knowing the facts, too?

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