Blogging offline

I read about a linux blogging tool called Bilbo. I was unable to get it for my Dell running Ubuntu 8.04, but I got it for the other computer, which runs Jaunty. This is the first time I have ever tried using it.

It is simple to use, but I am not sure f it will be useful to me or not. Well, actually, I guess it could be. With this, I can write blog posts and have them ready to upload whenever I have internet access. Of course, I have internet access most of the time I am on the computer, so it may not be a big deal for me. But I am glad to give it a try and see what happens.

Thanks to bigbrovar for the tip!  Now if only I could get it to work on the Dell…


One thought on “Blogging offline

  1. Thank you, it should be so useful for me because I have no fulltime internet access here in the rural area of Ukraine. I’ll try to install it ASAP (I’m using a Drivel blogging software for now, but it is not as perfect as this one).

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