Is it already the 6th?

To show you how unbelievably fast this month seems to be going, I started to give it the title “Is it the 5th already?”  September is traditionally a busy time.  They days fly by and I don’t get a lot of blogging done.  Maybe this year will be better, but I am not holding my breath!

But, even if I am not posting here a lot, I am keeping busy.  I just put up the second issue of the High Plains Writing Project’s e-zine.  I am trying to post on a fairly regular basis on the High Plains Writing Project blog, too.  And I am working with my students, getting them blogging.  (Right now we are working on vocabulary and grammar that we aren’t posting to the blogs, but we will be back there  soon!)

And now that the rush of starting the year is behind me and my faculty evaluation file is ready to turn in on Tuesday,   I can start reading blogs again and doing more blogging myself.  At least that is the plan!


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