Follow-up on my writing class

I have to say that this class, while not doing great, seems to be getting the idea.  We wrote two more paragraphs about our pictures in class on Friday.  I tried to get them to look at totally different things in the pictures each time.  For the most part they were able to do that.  Homework for Monday is to revise the three paragraphs and either rewrite them or type them and print them out.  Monday we are going to cut the paragraphs apart and order them.  Then we will work on transitions.

I know this is basic.  I am not doing anything new here.  But I was not expecting to have to go this with my students here.  I shouldn’t have to, in theory.  But it is going well.  I am happy.  It is better than asking them to do something they have not a chance in the world of being able to do!


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