The limits of a paper

In the travel literature class I am taking this semester we have read some very interesting pieces and, of course, we have written and will write a number of papers.  I love actual books, and I love writing in my notebook.  I even love composing and printing my papers for the professor.  But as I was checking ot some blogs this afternoon, I ran across a post by Graham with a video of Blue King Brown, an Australian group.  The song they are performing in the video directly applies to an article that I am reading and writing about right now.  Were my “paper” a blog post instead of 2-3 pages double spaced, I would include this song in my response to the article.

This is going to sound pretty pathetic, I am sure, but this is the first time I have really wanted to do a different kind of “paper”.  That means that it is the first time I have really understood how at least some of my students might want to do something different.  I thought I got it before, but this is absolutely the first time I have really felt limited by a piece of paper.

My challenge now, of course, is to find ways to allow, no really encourage, my students to break away from the traditional paper.

And on that note, my students in one class have been posting to their blogs again.  Some of them are really getting into this.  Links to their blogs can be found here.

4 thoughts on “The limits of a paper

    1. Graham, we have been reading Australian travel literature, and I am now writing a paper on an article about Australian travel writing. One thing the author talks about, of course, is black/white relationships. The connection is, perhaps, tenuous, but when I watched the video, it seemed to support the point I was trying to make pretty well.

      I love the music, but the way! And I have subscribed the their Activizm feed, so I imagine I am going to be learning more about Australia all the time!

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