Still not with it

Well,  I have not been back to Twitter since I announced that I had learned something from it.  I cannot figure out how to start.  I guess I need to spend some time there reading, but it is the end of the semester, so that may not happen for a few days.

I don’t quite understand why this is giving me so much trouble.  I hope to get it sorted out soon and begin to use it so I can try to use it with my students in the spring. Somehow that seems easier.  I would have them tweeting to others in the class about what we are doing.  There is an audience.

I guess my problem with Twitter is the same as my problem with Facebook: I don’t do anything interesting enough to warrant telling people about.  So I guess I need to do what I try to do here on the blog (even though I fail at it miserably most days!); I need to read and follow discussions so I have something to talk about.  I hope next week will give me a chance to do that more.


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