What is the purpose of learning technology?

Joshua Kim at Inside Higher Ed has some ideas.  Among them are:

–To challenge the status quo in teaching and learning.

–To increase educational transparency.

–To develop mechanisms to share teaching materials with our communities and the world of life long learners.

–To move students from consumers to creators of knowledge.

I like the list he gives.  (I have omitted some here that you should go and read for yourself on his post.)  I was especially drawn to the idea of creating transparency and sharing materials with other learners outside the classroom.

As I wait to hear for sure whether or not I will be able to use Moodle again next semester, I have begun to construct my classes on a wiki.  And I like the fact that what I am doing will be out there for anyone who wanders by to see.  Not that what I have is perfect, by any means, but it is what I am doing.  That very transparency allows me and forces me to evaluate what I am doing more than if it was hidden behind the door of my classroom!

Anyway, check out Joshua’s post.  As I write this, there are no comments,but he asks others to contribute their ideas about the purposes of learning technology, so the comments may lead to more interesting reading.


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