Reading – a thing of the past?

According to a study done by UCSD, reading has made a comeback thanks to the internet. It says,

Reading, which was in decline due to the growth of television, tripled from 1980 to 2008, because it is the overwhelmingly preferred way to receive words on the Internet.

We knew that, of course, but it is nice to see it publicly acknowledged!

A report in Wired provides an overview.  It says,

Technology may have truncated and warped the written word in some cases, while increasing competition for our time. But as borne out by this new data, technology hasn’t found a substitute for the written word as a means of conveying certain types of information. And, in fact, it has made reading and writing even more essential parts of everyday life.

So instead of drawing battle lines, we need to acknowledge that technology is really an ally.  We should spend more time trying to understand how our students make use of the technology and then try to capitalize on that rather than fighting it!


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