Thinking about writing

I am in the midst of some writing projects at the moment,  so I was interested to read a link on Practicing Writing to these writing resolutions from poet Diane Lockward.  She has some that really make sense to me:

1. Write on a more regular basis. Aim for three morning sessions per week. Show up at the kitchen table. Do chores later. Or not at all.

2. Remember that bad writing is better than no writing. It doesn’t all have to be your best work. It can’t be.

3. Remember that the bad writing is clearing a space for the good writing that will soon follow. Believe that….

10. Be on the lookout for new subject matter.

11. If you get a good line or phrase while watching tv or nodding off in your chair, write it down. Don’t count on your memory. That good idea will be gone by morning.

12. If your husband keeps interrupting while you are revising, politely ask him to stop.

13. Work hard for your new book. But put the emphasis on fun. Enjoy it.

The necessity of writing no matter what – be it good, bad or indifferent – is something I know.   I used to actually write a lot every morning.  I have tried a couple times in the last year or so to write more, and I have been somewhat successful.  But there is a lot of room for improvement there!  So I am trying.

New subject matter is something else I am giving a try this year.  I don’t want to talk about it now because it sounds too silly, but I really am having fun writing about something I knew very little about until recently.  This totally new direction has made me more excited about writing again.  And that is good.  I am definitely concentrating on the fun!

I have long since reached the age when I have to write everything down, and I really try to always have paper and pen to record those all-too-infrequent flashes of inspiration.  I bring my notebook and pen to bed with me for that reason.

And I am one of those lucky women who has an incredibly supportive husband.  So I have no excuse for not writing, I guess!

Anyway,those are some thoughts on my own writing.  Now, I need to get back to it!


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