Online teaching and blogging

Once again, Joshua Kim has written a post (in 26 minutes, I might add!) that makes me think.  He talks about how he thinks his online teaching experience has helped him to be a more efficient blogger.  He says:

The best preparation I received for blogging was teaching online. One of the most important elements for running a successful online course involves presence. The instructor must be “present” in the course discussion boards and blogs. Teaching online gave me tons of practice in writing rapid, hopefully thought provoking, discussion and blog posts around the curriculum and the student’s work.

As a blogger and someone who has taught online for several years, I couldn’t agree more.

But I think that there are a lot of online instructors who never take the time to become effective, and I doubt that they would be good bloggers, either.  So while I agree that the quick, thought-provoking response that we learn to give online students is great practice for efficient blogging (By that I mean not taking overly long to produce a post.), I am afraid not all instructors learn to do that.

So is online teaching good practice for blogging or is there something else involved?  Is there a personality-type that more easily teaches and blogs effectively?

I agree totally with him on another point, too:

On-ground and hybrid classes can also take advantage of the collaborative LMS tools such as discussion boards and blogs to provide students with opportunities to practice, and receive feedback on, short persuasive writing. The advantages teaching online should not be restricted only to online courses.

I believe that this is critical.  We need to incorporate this type of writing in all kinds of classes.  That is why I have my students blogging again this semester.  Added to the benefits of short, persuasive writing is the all-important writing for an audience.

Anyway, check out Josh’s post.  As always, it is a good read.


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