A free online learning opportunity for English teachers

Through my META account, I learned of an online opportunity — a semester-long course:  Distance English Language Training Workshop, available here.  I signed up for it and have started completing the activities.

This seems like it will be an interesting course.  Because it lasts from now until May, there is more time than you get with TESOL EVO courses.  At the beginning of a semester, it is always a challenge to find time to complete the activities in the 6 weeks of an EVO session.  But this gives me fewer activities to cram into a week, and I think I will be much more likely to actually complete them.  At least that’s what I hope will happen!

If you are interested, check it out! Scroll down until you find Distance English Language Training Workshop.


One thought on “A free online learning opportunity for English teachers

  1. Thanks for mentioning the workshop! And you are right, the idea is to have more time to work through the activities and more importantly interact with others (both synchronously and asynchronously).

    Enrollment is open, so feel free to join in at any time!

    hashtag: #delt0110
    Moodle: http://bnleez.moodlehub.com/course/view.php?id=11
    Workshop introduction: http://educators.supercoolschool.com/classes/1027
    First live session: http://educators.supercoolschool.com/classes/1031

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