Libraries as social sites

Library Bob has a post in which he shares  what  he calls his  “state of the library  speech”.    One line of it jumped out at me.  He said:

That said, I think people will continue to come to their public libraries in order to talk to knowledgeable people.

As I read that, I thought about how my husband and I use our public library.  We  go on a regular basis and check books out.  But we have shelves of  books of our own at  home that we read, too.  Almost every week we go to Goodwill and buy more books.  But still we go to the library.  And the reason is  those  knowledgeable people.

It isn’t that we ask them questions, tax their research abilities.   We  just talk to them.  About books or life or  whatever.    Librarians are interesting people.  They are thinking, aware people.  And they are fun to talk to.

And when we go to the library, we frequently talk with other patrons.  They are pretty knowledgeable people, too.   Sometimes they are people we know, but most often they are total strangers until that chance  meeting in the stacks.

Libraries are, for us, social venues.  We  go  for the human contact as much as for the books.  If  you haven’t been to your local library lately,  why not drop by one afternoon soon.  See  what kinds of knowledgeable people you can run into!


3 thoughts on “Libraries as social sites

  1. I just recently started going back to my local library, and I love it! (I was spending too much money on buying new books.) What type of books do you read?
    Unfortunately, when I go, the librarians seem to always be pulled in another direction, so I haven’t talked to them much.

  2. Weird. I have rarely talked to the librarians since I guess growing up I used to buy books more than I borrowed them. Now that I’m working though I think I value money much more as well as the ability to participate in this stream of borrowing. Next time I go back home, I’ll see if I can talk to the librarians 🙂

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