34th Annual Jack Williamson Lectureship

Yesterday I had the privilege of listening to a number of excellent science fiction writers at the annual Jack Williamson Lectureship at Eastern New Mexico University.   It was such a treat!  Connie Willis was there.  Steven Gould was there.  Walter Jon Williams was there.  Melinda Snodgrass was there.  Ian Tregillis was there.  And, of course, Jack Williamson was there in spirit. Also present were publisher  Stephen Haffner and agent Eleanor Wood.

The highlight for me was attending a session with Connie Willis speaking to history professors about her new book Blackout.  She talked about the eight years of research she did for it and the second volume All Clear, which is due out in the fall,  She talked about trying hard to get the facts correct but trying even harder to get the feel of the book right.  I came away from that session with a lot to think about in terms of my own writing.  It was great!

Anyway, I am already looking forward to next year’s lectureship — probably about the 2nd Friday in April again.  If you are in the neighborhood, why not drop in?

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