Blackboard woes, part 2

I suddenly couldn’t  access my  grade book in Blackboard  yesterday.    It  had been working  fine the day before, but  suddenly, it  wouldn’t appear.    I  emailed the tech person, and  she came right over.  It  ended  up being a pop-up blocker — or at least that is what  she  unclicked  that “fixed” it.

We were taking about Moodle  and how much better I liked it than Blackboard.   She  told me something  very  depressing:   if the university adopted Moodle, by the time they put all their requirements and restrictions on it,  it  would be as clunky as  Blackboard.   I don’t want to believe  that, and yet  maybe it  is true.   I know they could make it a lot less nice to use,  for sure!

I would like a chance to try Moodle even with university restrictions, though.  Some of the irritations with Blackboard would be there, I  am sure, but some wouldn’t.    I would just like to see how it worked.


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