It’s almost over!

This semester has been a bad one in many ways, but now it is almost over.  Two sets of papers are due  this coming week.  Graduation is next Saturday.  Then I have a couple of weeks of trying to figure out what is going to happen over the summer.  Will we have students for the summer programs?   I doubt it.  The university wants students who are coming for a TOEFL prep class to meet all  the same requirements for admission as if they were coming to complete their degrees here  –  including  submitting a TOEFL score!   Somehow I don’t see anyone taking advantage of that marvelous offer!   But I could be wrong.

Oh well… There is very little I can do about that but wait to see what the  powers that be decide.  That and I  can get ready for the courses I know will take place in July and August and then, immediately on their heels, the fall semester.  I feel like I am running behind already!


2 thoughts on “It’s almost over!

  1. It is still one step at a time, isn’t it? When I focus on the externals, teaching can be almost unbearable dealing with rooms, equipment, administration. When I focus on the students, I am usually thankful I became a teacher in most cases. Some students make this more challenging than others, but on the whole, still the students keep us going.

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