Working ahead to avoid doing what I should do

The semester is over.  I have a million things to do, thin gs that need to be done sooner rather than later.  But what am I doing?  Trying to decide where I want to house my courses for the fall. I have my blog Nancy’s Classroom, my wiki, and today I started playing around with Kafafa, which I read about some time ago on Free Technology  for Teachers.  In addition, I have been using the learning management system at school.

One thing I discovered last semester was that using non-standard tools can be difficult for some students.  Some of mine last semester loved using the blogs but they never got into the wiki.  Others hated everything other than the university-sanctioned program they were used to.  I know there is no way to make everyone happy, but I would like to try!

This coming year I am not going to be teaching in the language lab every day.  I have found that it is great when I want them to actually do something on the computers, but otherwise, it  is a terrible place to hold class.  So I asked to  teach somewhere else.  And it will be good.  But it means that I am going a little lower tech than I have been.

My students turn everything in electronically.  So I could have them post everything to their own individual blogs again.  That worked pretty good last fall.   I think I like that option best.  I  can have most of the course on the wiki and then they can just do their work on the blog.  I would then have to email them their grades.  Drafts of papers  become a little tricky, though.

The purpose of adding another  website, the one on Kafafa is unclear to me.  It looks a lot like the blog, actually.  But  I always seem to have to try everything!

Maybe what I need to do is use the blog for classes, keep the wiki for more long-term storage,  and forget Kafafa.   One new  site is enough for students to have to learn is enough, I think!

Anyway, that is what I have been doing today instead of working on my more immediate projects.  It has been fun, but I think it is time to get back to work!


2 thoughts on “Working ahead to avoid doing what I should do

  1. My quick impression of Kafafa is that it would be better suited for a more involved project than a blog. This opinion is only based on a quick and superficial glance at the website.

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