Getting ready for the World Cup

Stephen had a link to a wonderful tool for tracking World Cup action.  It can be found here.  I am really glad to have it because I like to follow Mexico and Honduras, and this calendar can help me avoid missing matches that I want to see.

The World Cup is, to me, one of the few truly exciting sports events going.  Maybe that is because I first  started watching it when we lived outside of the US.  I can still remember the thrill of watching the 1998 Wοrld Cup sitting in out apartment in  Hainan, China, cheering at all the wrong times, at least according to my neighbors.

If you are a fan of the sport, you will be watching.  But I hope you will check it out even if you aren’t  really a fan.  Soccer/Football  is such a truly world-wide sport that it is a shame not to know a little about it  and not to follow the World Cup matches.  Why not give it a try this year?

UPDATE:  The same calendar in English can be found here.  Thanks to Rafael Scapin for his comment on Stephen’s original post!


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