On the road

I spent the last week in Illinois with my parents.   It was a productive visit, and  we accomplished a lot in addition to  visiting.  It  was not,  however, particularly restful!   So now we are on the road  again, headed for home.  It’s  about 1100 miles,  and we usually make the trip as  quickly as  our  old,   tired bodies  will let  us.  But this time we are taking it  easier, stopping earlier in the evenings.

When  we traveled  long  distances when our kids were little, we always  built some fun time into the drive for them.  We would stop at a park and let them  run around or something.  We  wanted them  to have good  memories and  enjoy the trip,  not only thinking of it as an excruciatingly long drive.  Since we haven’t had kids to worry about, though,  we  always make  the trips as quickly as we can.  We did that  on the trip out to Illinois.   On this trip home, though, we are doing it differently.   After all, we want to have the trips to see my parents be good memories, too!


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