Finding my passion

I have started exploring what I want to write about on this blog.  It was easiest for me to come  up with things I didn’t care about and didn’t want to write about.  But eventually I realized that course design, the design and  implementation of  my own courses, is where my interest lies right now.  Will it always be that?  Probably not.  But for right now, that seems to be it.

I have all these ideas in my head about how I want to teach.  I have ideas for the course content.  I have goals for the courses.   And, I have textbooks that I don’t like using but have decided to use to make things easier for adjunct instructors who come in to teach a class.   So look for some posts about how I try to bring all those things together as  I work on my courses for fall.  I hope to follow those posts up with regular evaluations of the courses  throughout the semester.

I am not totally sure this is  my passion.  I actually feel too  tired right now to have any passion for anything.  But  this is a topic that I am interested in and am going to try to follow through with.  Let’s see how I do!


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