What have I learned?

As  I prepare to  get my classes together for the fall, I have to think ab out what worked and didn’t work last year.  What did I learn?

One think I learned is to limit the number of tools I use with any one class.  The wiki, the blog, their blogs, and Blackboard are too much for one class.  (I don’t think I actually used all those with any one class,  but I came close!)   Some students  really preferred the blog approach to Blackboard.  Others preferred the familiarity of Blackboard.  But regardless of which side of that issue they took, they got confused about where to post which assignment.  I have learned that I have to streamline that process.  I think I can use blogs with the wiki or my blog, but  throwing Blackboard into the mix is too much.  So I will use Blackboard for classes with quizzes and a real need for the more  “secure” environment.  Otherwise, I will use  blogs and the wiki more.

This is only one thing that I learned last year.  Hopefully there were other things  that will become more apparent as I get further into my planning.


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