Writing and teaching writing

I have finally gotten around to reading Teaching the New Writing , a volume edited by Herrington, Hodgson, and Moran.    I got it last  fall at the NWP annual meeting.  I meant to read it sooner, but…

In all honesty, I think I thought I already knew what it was going to tell me.  But I was wrong.  There is so much to learn from this book.  Since the chapters are all written by teachers, they have the  kind of practical information you need to do some of this with your students.  And I have learned some  things for myself as a blogger, too.  Well, maybe not learned, but definitely been reminded. Paul Allison’s  chapter  called  “Be a Blogger” gives a  very detailed look at how he  gets  students blogging.  And he reminded me of the need to write a lot if you want to have something to blog about.

Actually, he maybe taught me that.  I usually think that I need to read a lot to have something to blog about, but  I think writing a lot is a good way to come up with those ideas, too.   I write  quite a bit, but I don’t usually write about the things I am going to blog about.  I just blog about them.  But maybe that isn’t such a good way.  Especially now when I seem to have lost my way with this blog.  Maybe I need to find what it is I am passionate about and blog about that.  The way to discover what I am passionate about is to write.  So I am going to try it.

Teaching the New Writing is a very informative book. If you are even remotely interested in teaching people to write in these new ways, I would highly recommend it.


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