Search engine for students

Free Technology for Teachers had a post about Sweet Search, a search engine that accesses 35,000 websites that have been vetted by librarians and teachers.  As their “About” page says,

SweetSearch helps students find outstanding information, faster. It enables them to determine the most relevant results from a list of credible resources, and makes it much easier for them to find primary sources. We exclude not only the spam sites that many students could spot, but also the marginal sites that read well and authoritatively, but lack academic or journalistic rigor. As importantly, the very best Web sites that appear on the first page of SweetSearch results are often buried on other search engines.

I tested Sweet Search with the topic of Benjamin Franklin and was really impressed by the quality of the results.   I know the trouble my students have finding reliable online sources for their research papers, so this is something I plan to use in the fall.


2 thoughts on “Search engine for students

  1. I’m thrilled you found SweetSearch so useful. Take a look also at the toolbar on the left side – Yolink is embedded in SweetSearch and enables students to browse within search results without even opening them. Together, they are utterly transforming search for students. Your students may also find useful our Spanish language sister site, encontrandoDulcinea, which offers Spanish language guidance to the best English and Spanish language Websites, by topic. In particular, our On This Day is translated in Hoy en la Historia.

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