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The importance of friends

I received a comment from  erased in which she talked about having abandoned her writing for a time.   She said:

I found it was the environment I was in and the people I associated with – there was no common ground and nothing inspired.

I  know that this is how it works for me.   When I don’t have the stimulus of friends, my writing suffers.  For me, getting together with my Writing Project friends is critical both to my writing and to my sanity.  I am discovering that my writing is extremely important to me — much more important than I thought.   And so my writing friends are vital.  Thanks to them  (although they won’t read this!)  for all their support!


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One thought on “The importance of friends

  1. Good insight Nancy. I too believe that writing is very much linked to our daily lives, our perceptions, interactions and experiences. Sometimes a definite lack of stimuli can leave us with very little to say.
    Have a good weekend,

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