So long, Bloglines!

I just learned today that Bloglines will cease to exist on October 10, 2010.   Apparently, I am one of the few remaining people on the planet who even uses a feed reader.   But I have used Bloglines since 2005, and I have really come to rely on it.  Aside from my personal blog reading, I also use it to keep track of my student blogs. I can’t do without my feedreader!

But what am I going to use after Oct 10?  I don’t know.  I would like another web-based application so I can read on any computer. This is especially important for my student blogs.   I can’t find a web-based reader that I like, though.  I don’t like Google Reader.   That seems to be everyone’s favorite, but it just doesn’t jump out at me.

If you have a suggestion, please share it with me.  I am not desperate yet, but  I will be soon!

3 thoughts on “So long, Bloglines!

    1. Thanks, Stephen! I have a feeling that is where I will end up, but I was hoping for something else. I can’t even really say why I haven’t been drawn to Google Reader. It is probably partly at least because it isn’t as familiar to me as Bloglines. A lousy reason not to try something, I know! I am definitely going to have to look at it more seriously again.

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