More on Calibre

In my search for a replacement for Bloglines, I took Stephen’s recommendation and  decided to really give Google Reader a try.  In doing that, I imported my subscriptions. And some that I didn’t think I was subscribed to anymore and others that I hadn’t gotten the feed for in a long time suddenly showed up.   One of those was Assorted Stuff.

So anyway, I found myself reading an old post from Tim about e-book readers. With my new interest in e-book readers, I was curious about what he had to say.  After complaining about DRM, he went on to say:

Another annoying functionality road block is that neither app will allow me to copy a selection of text and paste it into an email or blog post, again limiting the usefulness of the format.

Sure, I can’t do copy and paste with an analog publication either, but wasn’t switching to a digital format supposed to make the material more useful than paper could?

So I decided to see if Calibre would let me copy and paste. The result?

They ended up at the Timberline Wilderness Lodge and Pancake House, and Mimi clapped her hands at the silk-flowers-and-waterbeds ambience of the room, fondled the grisly jackalope head on the wall, and started running a tub while Alan carried in the suitcases.

That’s the first paragraph on the “page” I am on in Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town by Cory Doctorow.

Calibre also has a dictionary feature and bookmarks and other stuff that I still haven’t explored, I’m sure.

Calibre is a great little app if you are interested in managing your e-books on your computer and/or using your computer as an e-book reader.  I love it!


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