I love this job!

As I walked around the classroom this morning and listened to my students discussing the story they had read as homework, as I watched their animation and enthusiasm, I couldn’t help but think about how much I love teaching.  I have a great bunch of students this semester, and they are all anxious to learn.  It is wonderful!


4 thoughts on “I love this job!

  1. You really put much into your job. You are a good teacher. At the beginning , I felt too difficult to read the long story. Now, I feel better than before. At least, I can enjoy the plots of the story. Thank you!

  2. Hi Nancy~Your classes are always interesting thought sometimes we fall into silence because the difficult questions. It’s very nice to see that you really love your job I think it’s very lucky because not everyone can do the things he want to do. You are a good teacher not only because the responsibility but the love.

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