A good idea from Inside Higher Ed

Actually, this good idea comes from Eric Stoller in a post called “Academic Advising, Wikis, and Shared Knowledge.”  He talks about using a wiki to provide searchable information for the academic advisors at his institution.  This is a wonderful idea, and I cannot believe I hadn’t thought about it before.

I can see many possible uses for my ESL program.  I am the only full-time instructor.  Everyone else is adjunct faculty, and every year I have a different group as others move on and pursue other opportunities.  So every year my program is basically starting from scratch.  With a wiki, I would have a resource that any new instructor in the program could access to get answers to questions, ideas for classes, etc.  I am really going to do this!

What I find interesting is that Eric isn’t using a wiki platform for his wiki.  Instead, he is using WordPress.  They host their own WordPress blogs, and he was comfortable with it, so he just adapted it to become a wiki.  It is an interesting idea.  I can see the advantages – it becomes a group blog that any of the members can access and post to.  It is, in many ways, easier to maneuver than a wiki.

I don’t have access to WordPress in-house.  Or to a wiki, for that matter.  Whatever I create will have to be out there on the web.  I am OK with that.  I won’t have any really sensitive documents uploaded.  If an instructor would rather I not upload his/her syllabus, I guess I wouldn’t have to.  I would want it to feel collaborative even if I do all the posting.

I am intrigued by this.  Since I have so much to do right now that I will never get caught up, it seems like a good time to investigate this possibility!


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