Catching up

I got back from the NWP Annual Meeting on Sunday, and here it is Wednesday already!  In that time I have only done a small portion of what I think I should have accomplished.  Not sure why.  But oh well… There is always tomorrow I guess!

I have taken time today to try to catch up on my blog reading.  I got when it looked like Bloglines was shutting down and then further behind while my husband was sick.  Today, though, I caught up.  I didn’t read everything as carefully as I would have liked, but with more than 1500 posts to read, I was just concentrating on seeing what I needed to save to read later and what could be dismissed.

I spent yesterday, of course, trying to catch up on grading student papers.  They did more writing while I was gone, and I have to at least look at it and acknowledge their hard work.  I got through a lot of it yesterday, but more awaits.

And of course, there is the course I am taking.  I have most of the stuff for this module done, but once it ends, I only have 2 days, I think, to finish 2 projects.  So I can’t wait much longer.  Yikes!

Oh well..  Soon the semester will be over.  I am looking forward to trying to get caught up on stuff at home then!


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