Farewell to PowerPoint, welcome to glogs

At the midterm I assigned a presentation on a grammar point.  Everyone used PowerPoint. The results were boring, to say the least.  I vowed not to repeat that fiasco, but I wanted to keep the assignment.  So,for the final, I assigned a glog, and the results were much better.

What’s a glog?  The closest I can come to describing it is to say it is an interactive poster.  They can embed audio and video, include pictures, links to sites, their own text and just about anything else they want.  Check out glogster.com for a better explanation.

The student products for the final were all  better than any of them had been at the midterm.  I saw students looking for a video to explain their grammar point.  They used charts as they had at the midterm, but the results were much more engaging.  I think they were more engaged and learned more from the production of their glogs than they were with the PowerPoints.

So I think I have assigned my last PowerPoint.  I am only sorry it took me so long!


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