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Reading goal for 2011

I have been thinking a lot about the reading goal or goals I want to set for myself for this year.  I thought about doing 100 books again — or 110 since it is 2011.  But that isn’t the best kind of goal for me, I don’t think.

What I found myself doing in 2010 was postponing reading books I wanted to read because they were “too long”.  Silly, I know, but I am trying to be honest here.  So what I want to do this year is have a different kind of goal —  a number of pages.  I think this will encourage me to read more broadly.

So, in 2011 I want to read 45,000 pages. Since I started a book with over 800 pages this morning, I will be well on my way when I finish it.   If I was going for a book count, I probably wouldn’t even start this one, but since I have a page goal, I can read it quite happily!

I probably won’t reach this goal any more than I have met my goals for the past two  years, but I will have fun seeing how close I come.  Want to join me?  Don’t like my goal?  What goal will you set for yourself?  Come on — give it a try!


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