Teaching in the spring

I will be teaching in the spring, which starts in two weeks.  That much I know. At the present time, I have no idea what I will be teaching, though.  I was scheduled to teach 2 classes — Academic Reading and Writing and Research Writing.  At the present time, there is only 1 student registered for either of my classes.  No ESL class has more than 2 students registered right now, so I am not taking it personally! But it is hard to know how to proceed when I don’t know what is going to happen. Will the classes fill?  Will we end up cancelling some or even most of them?  Not knowing makes it hard.

I have those two classes planned out, but it looks like I  may teach others either in addition or instead of these two.  I have started thinking about them, but I am also having trouble getting into gear on it. I’m running out of time, though, aren’t I?


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