This is what I want to do!

Joshua Kim’s post over on Inside Higher Ed today was called The Mobile Education Company I’d Start.  He says the company would look like this:

Customers: The near poor and aspirational middle-class in emerging economies.

Revenue Model: Advertising and up-sell to paid content and services.

Delivery Mechanism: Mobile internet devices (from smart phones to inexpensive tablets/notebooks).

Services: Everything from English language lessons to test preparation to remedial learning to fully accredited degrees.

And then he asks

Who else wants to start this company?

Sitting in my dining room in New Mexico,  my hand went up. I do!  I really do!

My problem is that I have no idea how to start.  I know about teaching English to non-native speakers.  I know how to teach writing and other subjects.  But I do not know how to do the rest of it.

One of the comments on Joshua’s blog asked about the advertising he would sell, and I admit that I didn’t get that part either.  It sounds good, but I don’t know really what he is envisioning.  What would you be advertising?

But aside from that, and the fact that I have NO money and little in the way of technical skills except as an end-user, sign me up, Joshua!  This sounds exactly like what I would like to do!



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