Just a click

The HeliOS Project puts computers in the hands of kids in Austin, Texas.   For free.  Decent computers.  And now there is a way you can help them.

We are running out of time, but if you “like” them on Facebook between now and 9 am CST Thursday 2/3, it increases their chances of getting some financial assistance that they really need.

Ken explains it like this:

We have been chosen to participate in an Austin event called Rock A Charity.

Here’s how it works.

Non profit contestants will have their Facebook page monitored for “like” clicks for a 48 hour period beginning on February 1st at 9 AM CST.  At the end of that 48 hour period, the top three charities with the most likes will then be invited to a party on the 18th of February.  Any clicks prior to or after this 48 hour window will not count.  The contest ends at 9 AM CST on Thursday, February 3rd.

At this party on the 18th, apparently, donors will vote for one of the three charities and the charity that receives the most votes,  gets the money.  That part of the deal is a little confusing to me, so you might want to check out Ken’s post here to get a clearer idea.

So will you help Ken put computers in the hands of kids who need them?  You are on Facebook anyway.  Why not make it count for something? Click here.

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