More from Mike Rose

I have been a fan of Mike Rose since I read Lives on the Boundary several years ago.  His blog is one that I enjoy reading.  His most recent post is one that really made me think.  He describes the situation of a high school science teacher for whom he has a great deal of respect.  She told him:

“Good teachers, some even great teachers, are leaving the profession because state and districts are basing teacher efficacy off one test score. I moved from high school to 7th grade to teach a class that is not state tested so that I could still teach…”

This is not, according to Rose, one of those bad teachers that we know are out there.  This is a good teacher who has been found wanting because her students didn’t test well enough.

If this has improved education in this teacher’s school district, I would like for someone to explain to me how.  With the new HS physics and chemistry teacher be able to do better than this caring, experienced professional?  And if he/she does, is it because he/she is a better teacher or has the group of students changed somehow?

Education is so much more complicated than educational reformers seem to want to admit.

Mike Rose‘s blog is a good place to start see some of the problems in education today – and some common-sense ideas on how to address them.  He reminds readers that education is about people, not about numbers.  Too bad more people aren’t listening!


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