A place to write

I ran across a post today called Writing Places and Spaces.  In it Claudia Osmond talks about writing in a closet, among other things.  She says

… I started dreaming about having an office one day. A real office. Oh, if only I had an office … then I could really write. But in the meantime I’d have to make do …

As you might imagine, she finally got her office but doesn’t use it, preferring to write while sitting on her bed.

Osmond encourages writers to love the space they have rather than dreaming of the ideal spot.  She says:

After all, it really is your space. Think about it: think of all the things you’ve written in your space, all the ideas that have come to you in your space, all the dreams you’ve dreamt in your space, all the eureka moments that have dawned on you in your space. It may not be an ideal space, and you may not write in that space forever, but chances are you’ve done some of your best writing to date in that space. What’s not to love about that?

I have been noticing that I always come to the dining room table to write.  I was never sure why I came out here instead of working on the desk in the other room. Now I think I know.  That desk faces a wall.  It is in a more or less public room in the house, but it feels totally cut off from everything.  When I come to the dining room, I can sit and look out the window and watch what happens outside or face the hallway where I see everything that happens inside.  It might not work for anyone else, but  it’s perfect for me.


2 thoughts on “A place to write

  1. I’ve been struggling with finding a “happy place” to write. The couch, my bed, the dinning room. My apartment is S.M.A.L.L. And its very hard for me to find a little place where I can focus. I haven’t tried the closet yet… maybe.
    I like that quote about finding a space I have now and being happy with it. I tend to write best when I go to the library around the corner. Getting away from home seems to work best.
    I really enjoy your blog! 🙂

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