Another great post!

I am finally catching up with my reading, and I am finding some new and exciting things.  I really liked a post at ESL Classroom 2.0 called 5 Lessons for Educators from “The King’s Speech”.  The points he took away from the movie were these:

1. The importance of the “informal”, especially when dealing with language learning.

2. Credentials are over valued.

3. Teaching is mostly about relationships.

4. A Teacher’s Belief is what counts.

5. Childhood development is crucial to long term success.

He makes a good argument for each of these points.  And in large part, I agree with him.  Especially #3: Teaching is mostly about relationships.  I really believe that.  If we don’t take time to build relationships with our students, we will not be successful, regardless of our credentials or anything else.

It is a good post.  Check it out!


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