More on TXLF

As I said, the Keynote at TXLF was made by Ken Starks.  It was interesting.  He talked about the work of the Helios Project of getting computers into the hands of children who need them.  He also talked about things the Linux community could do to make Linux more accessible to new users — things like giving program understandable names.  He talked about creating a cognitive pathway between the name of the program and what it does.  He made a lot of sense.

I attended some sessions that I really didn’t understand well — about an open source program that would play blue-ray quality movies and about setting up and hosting your own website.  I also attended one on learning in the Linux community.  It was just an overview of very basic research, but it was interesting.  They talked about the ways we contribute to the community and how much we feel – or do not feel – that we are part of a community as a result of that.  They also started to talk about opensource in education but seemed to kind of leave that topic.  That would have been of more interest to me, I think.  But I was able to undersdtand what they were talking about, so that was good!

This was my first Linux conference.  It was an interesting experience.  I am used to coming home from a conference with ideas for things I can do in my classroom the next week.  I didn’t get that kind of take-away from this conference.  But I did come home with something — a feeling that I am part of a community.  I have experiences the online Linux community for years, but this was different.  And it was nice!  I hope to go back next year.


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