The National Writing Project and me

There is almost no way to explain the effect the National Writing Project has had on me as an educator.  Since I am a writer (thanks to NWP!), I will try anyway!

The National Writing Project has taught me so much.  It has given me confidence as an educator that I would never have otherwise.  It has provided me with a professional home and a professional community that continually supports me as I struggle to improve my classroom practice.  It has provided me with professional development opportunities at the local and national level.  It continually influences who I am when I enter the classroom and when I interact with colleagues.

NWP has also taught me a great deal as a person. It has allowed me to see myself as a writer, opening up a whole new world to me.  It has taught me the usefulness of writing on a daily basis in my own life.  It has taught me that I can be a leader, that I have something to offer to others.

Without the National Writing Project and the work it facilitates in the state and town that I live in, I would not be who I am as an educator, as a writer or as a person.  I know that sounds overly dramatic, but it is the truth!


2 thoughts on “The National Writing Project and me

  1. I don’t think it sounds overly dramatic at all. Events and groups and activities we participate in are the things that shape who we are, sometimes more than others.

    What I’m saying is I totally understand what you mean – I haven’t had a single HUGE event change me as a writer, so much as I’ve had many smaller experiences.

    [I’ve just been reminded of my “what I learned in AP English paper”, because it really had nothing to do with learning in class, so much as how I learned everything I wanted to know about writing outside of class that year].

    Anyway, back on topic, I think it’s great that you had an opportunity to participate in something that impacted you so much 🙂 That’s such a delightful part of life.

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