Writing and reading and writing some more

With the end of the semester almost upon us, my mind has certainly moved on to other things.  Well, to one other thing, really: my writing.  As I have mentioned, my son and I have written a historical fantasy.  It is almost 90,000 words, with a lot of revision still to go. I expect it to  end up closer to 92,000 before it is done.

I have just recently been able to accept the historical fantasy label for our book, Katsuro’s Quest. Credit for that goes to the book I just finished reading, The Guide to Writing Fantasy and Science Fiction by Philip Athans.  I learn a lot from every book about writing that I read, but this was the first book I read that specifically dealt with fantasy.  I came to understand the genre much better from this book.

In addition, I am reading a lot of work on Scribophile, As a matter of fact, I am reading and critiquing so much that I sometimes have to remind myself to go back to my own writing!

But I am working steadily on revisions and on building a website for the book.  Lots of writing going on for that!

Anyway, I am having a lot of fun.  It’s kind of nice to have time to focus on something that I really care about!


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