The semester is over!

This has been a hard semester for me for many reasons.  Chief among them was losing my job and the, so far, lack of success in finding a new one.  The university was obligated to allow me to stay one more year, although not in ESL, and I finally signed my contract yesterday.  Assuming things go the way they seem to be headed, I will be teaching developmental English in the fall.  And I am OK with that!  It delays the beginning of the rest of my life for another year, but that might actually be better.

The summer is going to be an interesting one for me.  The first time in quite some time that I haven’t worked.  Instead, I will be working on the novel my son and I have written and helping my husband with the remodel/repair work he is doing on the house.  We are trying to get the house fixed up so we can sell it if we decide to leave (or try to sell it, at least!), so that is important.

I have not given up on finding another job, though.  I would prefer, right now, to stay in New Mexico, and that limits what is available to me.  I just applied for a job in South Dakota, though, so I am not committed to staying here. So we’ll see.

But in the meantime, I am really looking forward to this summer.


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