How do I find a balance?

I have noticed that since I joined Scribophile, I have worked less on my own writing. I am not totally sure why. In part it is because I am reading and critiquing the work of others. But I think it is more than that. It also has to do with the feedback I have received on the book chapters I have posted. The feedback is good, but it sometimes leaves me confused about how to proceed. How much of it do I want to listen to? What has been interesting is that my son is getting different feedback from people he has shown the book to. So we need to make decisions. And it is hard.

So I critique the work of others instead.

2 thoughts on “How do I find a balance?

  1. I think this raises an excellent question. How much of what others say, do we take on board? I haven’t solved that one yet. I sent a book to agents in London and they requested the whole manuscript. When they finally decided not to take it, the reason given was that they didn’t enjoy the bits set in the present as much as they did the flashbacks. So I could rewrite the whole thing, altering the balance and I would certainly be prepared to. But other readers have said the opposite so I could end up ripping my book to bits and re-writing, for no real reason. I suppose the answer is to go with my gut but I’ve overthought this one now so the book is in a drawer!
    I’m always interested to hear from anyone who thinks they know how to sort out good criticism from bad and just assimilate that.

  2. I obviously don’t know the answer to that one! But I hope that you will pull that book out after a while and look at it again. Hopefully time will give you a little more perspective!

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