How do I manage to read so much?

I got a comment on my May reading post from a man who wants to know my reading secrets.  As I told him, not having a TV is a big help!  Beyond that, though, I don’t really have any secrets.

I didn’t just wake up one day and read so many books. I have been working on reading more for the last few years. Then I started working on reading more widely. That slowed down my reading a bit. I found myself choosing books that I knew I could read quickly so I could add another notch to my belt. That’s why this year I moved more to a page goal — to “allow” myself to read longer books. Although I have noticed that usually shorter books take me more time than longer books to finish. Not sure why!

For me, the goals I set are just that: goals. I haven’t met mine either of the past two years and doubt that I will this year. But they give me something to work towards.


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