Why fantasy, indeed!

As I think I have mentioned, my son and I are writing/have written a historical fantasy that takes place in feudal Japan.  It has been a wonderful experience for us.  The book is still being revised, and it may never get published, but it is something we have done that no one can ever take away from us.  I think that is pretty cool!

I never expected to write a fantasy.  When we decided to write a book, I let my son pick the genre, not really realizing what that might mean for me.  As the book progressed, I immersed myself in the historical aspects of it, and I gradually became more comfortable with the fantasy part.

Catching up on my blog reading today, I came across a post by Laney McMann called Why Fantasy?,   McMann explains her reasons for writing YA fantasy.  She says:

I don’t write in this genre because it’s trendy or popular or whatever other hack reason people may think up. I write in this genre because I read in this genre. Always have. It’s what I like. I also like Science Fiction. These types of books are engaging and transporting. They take us from our living rooms and place us in other worlds. Worlds we could never have imagined. They allow us to see things we would never have seen otherwise. There is magicin fantasy.

My son is the one who has always read science fiction and fantasy.  I am a new convert, but I am making up for lost time.  I love the fact that these books expose me to different peoples and cultures and places — even if they only exist in the author’s (and my) mind.  I can learn things from fantasies, too, practical things about human beings.

Our book is written — if far from finished.  Regardless of whether it ever sells or not, we have written a historical fantasy.  And after 90,000 words, this seems like an obvious choice for us.  Even if I didn’t think so at first!



5 thoughts on “Why fantasy, indeed!

  1. Thanks so much for the quote inclusion:) Good luck on the writing. I have a few WIP’s, I know the painstaking time and heart that goes in to them. Published or not, writing a novel is an enormous accomplishment. Congrats to you both and so glad you are a converted Fantasy Fan!

  2. I am a beginning writer and hope eventually to get my story published. As you say, it may never happen, but so far this has been a rewarding and awesome experience for me. Mine is also fantasy as that is my favorite genre. I enjoy the escape from my every day life that it gives me and look forward to it each time I write. Good luck to you! That’s wonderful that you and your son are doing that together!

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