If you ever actually visit this blog rather than reading it in a feed somewhere (Assuming you read it anywhere at all, that is!), you will notice that I frequently change the theme. I have, as a matter of fact, changed it today.

Someone commented on changes I make on another blog I run saying, “It looks different every time I go there!”  It was NOT said as if that were a good things.

In a course I took about teaching online classes, they made the argument that students need the stability of a course that has a standard look to it.  Not that each one has to be identical, but that they should have the same overall feel.

And that made me think of the argument used where I work in explaining why we MUST use Blackboard for online classes: We want students to know that they are taking a class from this university.

And then I wonder… Am I doing my readers a disservice by changing the theme on a fairly regular basis?  Is it bad to change themes on a blog?

As I contemplate and begin to lay out the blog we will use as the home base for the novel my son and I are writing, I find that I don’t anticipate changing its look much once it is up and running.  Whatever theme I use in the beginning will probably be the theme I use as long as we keep the blog running.  Or if I change it, the new theme will be similar in look but have more features.  I am not sure, but I guess that is because I want to build brand recognition.

So would I be better off doing that with all the blogs I maintain?


4 thoughts on “Changes

    1. Thanks for taking time to comment! I agree with you! Sometimes I get bored looking at the same theme! I figure I spend more time on the blog than most readers do, so I should have the right to change it if I want!

  1. If you expect to make money or simply increase your readership, I think it makes sense to keep a single standard. However I write my blog for me so something like the theme would be about what I want to look at and not about my crabby fans. So it just depends on what you’re expecting to achieve with your blog I think.

    1. Like you, my blog is mostly for myself. This one, anyway! I definitely have no plans to make money off of it. That is why I made the distinction between this blog and the one I am doing for the novel. Readership WILL be more important to me there!

      Thanks for your comment!

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