I’ve been writing!

In addition to teaching an online composition class this summer, I have been busy doing a rewrite of the novel my son and I are writing.  I had been worried about the main character and his buddies dithering too much, and I finally got to that point in the book.  I was amazed at how easy it was to just hit delete!  The book is getting much better now, and I think I am becoming a better writer!

After I complete this major revision, it goes back to my son for a close reading and some finishing touches on certain scenes.  My goal is to have it “finished” by the end of August.  We thought it was finished once before, but this time it will be a lot closer at least!

When it’s “finished”, I’ll try contacting agents again.  And I’ll go back to the second book in the series, which is already 12,000+ words.


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