Thanks, Karen!

My friend Karen suggested I check out the book Plot versus Character  by Jeff Gerke.  It came the other day, and I started reading it last night.  So far, I have to say I am really impressed.  Although I would never have believed it, I am apparently one of those writers who can naturally write plot but not characters.

I have just identified the personality types of my five major characters.  It was really an interesting process. I don’t think there were any real revelations for me there, although I was surprised by one of the choices I made.  Next comes determining “physical and natural abilities”.  While their physical selves are pretty well established, I want to see what he has to say about natural abilities.  And that is only the beginning.

Once I figure out all this, I will run it by my son to make sure it works for him, too.  Then comes the hard work of revising the book based on what we have decided.  I still really believe that with 10 hours of work a week, the book can be ready before the end of the year.  But we’ll see.

At any rate, we are making progress.  Thanks again, Karen!


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