What is that white stuff?

I went to bed last night knowing it would be cold and rainy today.  We had put the hibiscus in the garage and covered our flourishing tomato plants before going to bed.  Even with all that, I looked out the bathroom window when I got up about half an hour ago and asked myself what had happened overnight.

Yes, of course, snow was what happened.  The temperature dropped quickly and, at some point, that rain had turned to snow.  There is just a dusting, of course, and the back yard isn’t even all covered, but still… It’s only October!

Today is supposed to be one of those truly rare days in New Mexico: miserable.  They expect a high of 45°F with a 60% chance of rain and/or snow.  Humidity right now is 99%.  And the wind is blowing at 17mph with gusts up to 28.  I know this doesn’t sound bad to anyone living in really cold places, but we moved to New Mexico to get away from that!

Oh well… The sun’ll come out tomorrow!


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