December Reading

In December I read a total of 2598 pages.  It is due to riding in the car a lot, I think.  But anyway…  I read

The Glass Rainbow by James Lee Burke

Killing Floor by Lee Child

Bishop as Pawn by William X. Kienzle

Worth Dying For by Lee Child

Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton

The Lighthouse by PD James

Many of the books were pretty standard for me: Lee Child,  James Lee Burke, and PD James.  These were all excellent examples of why I read these authors.

The Crichton was unusual, but I like pirate stories, so I read it.  It was good, too.  I kept seeing Errol Flynn escaping from one disaster after another.  It was fun!

The Kienzle book was the second one I have read by him.  I first discovered him when I worked at the seminary college in Louisiana, but I hadn’t stumbled across another one since then.  I enjoy reading about the Catholic Church, so I enjoyed this book a lot.

The month and the year are over.  I will have to see what the final tally of pages was.  And I think I am ready to make public my reading goals for 2012.  Stay tuned.


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